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Welcome my official weblog, 3D portfolio and resource site. You will find links to my demo reel, resume, animation, 3D still imagery, and many CG related sites. On my contact page, you will find my email address, phone number and Bio. All movie clips are Quicktime format with M-peg 4 encoding, or .AVI format with DivX encoding.


  • 7/17/08
For the past year I have been working at Crab Cove, LLC as an animator, and CG supervisor. Episode 1 "Lunch-Bag Blues" is available at We are currently finishing up production on Episode 2 "Happy Winter"; and will be starting pre-production on Episode 3 by mid-August. I am thrilled to be working with producer and editor Glenn Lucas from Fox's King of the Hill, and he has provided me with an excellent opportunity to work with an enthusiastic group of talented animators, a few of which are fellow Chico State grads and current students. While I will have a full review of Crab Cove Episode 2 coinciding with the publication of our new website, let me shed some light on Crab Cove's background; Crab Cove Episode 2 DVD Based on Susan Tate's Nature Series Books, Crab Cove is wholesome and eco-concious children's entertainment starring the voice of Patrick Fraley. The setting is a charming coastal town that's home to the narrator, Colonel Crab, a wise old crustacean. The Colonel's tales involve his friends from Suzanne Tate's Nature Series: Danny and Daisy Dolphin, Katie K. Whale, Salty Seagull and many others. They also feature the real life children of Crab Cove who give the show a "Little Rascals" feel! Crab Cove, quality television that takes every child- no matter where they live on a vacation to the beach!

  • 8/19/06
Ocean Visual FX has officially announced the development of their first all 3D animated television series, "ROCK DAWGZ™".Rock Dawgz Logo Created by legendary heavy metal bassist Rudy Sarzo. The series tells the story of a struggling 80's hair band, consisting of all Dogs in an all animal world. With each episode they learn that what really matters on the way to the top is each other's unconditional love and commitment as they foil their musical arch rivals' dirty deeds. Appearing in the role of the ROCK DAWGZ™ manager, a sassy Chihuahua named Chichi is none other than cultural icon Charo. With voice and musical contributions by heavy metal legend Ronnie James Dio and Simon Wright (Dio, UFO & ACDC) the series is now in pre-production. Robert DiNozzi (Flightplan, Behind the Red Door, Sealand, Killing Time, The Offer and The Art of Loosing) is on board as a consultant. The series is being co-developed by Rudy Sarzo and Robbie Robfogel under Rude Dawg Productions.

  • 5/10/06
Ocean Visual FX has just announced its newest addition to our team. Rudy Sarzo, Rudy Sarzolegendary bassist and 3D Artist will start working with Ocean immedietly. Personally, I am thrilled to work with Rudy, whom I am a longtime fan of and who's music has been influential to me scince I was only 9 years old. Rudy has played with Ozzy Osbourne, Quiet Riot, Whitesnake, Yngwie Malmsteen and is currently playing with Dio. Combined, Rudy’s recordings have sold over 30 million albums. Besides Rudy’s musical accomplishments, he also demonstrated Acid, Vegas and DVD Architect software at the Sony Pictures booth during the 2004 Winter NAMM Show, released the “Acid for Non Linear Editors” training DVD directed by Douglas Spotted Eagle for the VASST training series, created a 3D animated opening piece for the European leg of the DIO “Holy Diver” tour that played on the “JumboTron” and created the “Working Man’s Bass” loop library exclusively for Sony Pictures’ Acid Software.

  • 5/1/06
Mule Network Renderer LogoI just got back from NAB demoing Mule Network Renderer for Epicsoft. I also had the pleasure of attending the Newtek party, and got a first hand look at all of Newtek's soon to be released products, including Lightwave 9. Check out this article about Mule by Ocean CEO Robbie Robfogel on
  • 3/16/06
I am now working at Ocean Visual FX as Head of Character Development and Character Animator.Ocean Visual FX LogoOcean has just launched the studio and produces Visual FX and 3D Animation for the Motion Picture, Broadcast, Game and Corporate Industry. At Ocean I have been blessed to work with Emmy award winning and nominated 3D Artists Robbie Robfogel and Brandon MacDougal. Ocean CEO and FX Supervisor Robfogel has worked with Foundation Imaging, O-Entertainment, The Chandler Group and taught animation and effects at Chapman University. Foundation is where Robfogel, and MacDougal worked on award winning projects under Ron Thornton such as "Roughnecks; Starship Troopers Chronicles", Star Trek "Voyager", and Star Trek "Enterprise".
  • 10/15/05
I have completed work on the PC game title "Wild Life!" which was released on Sept. 30
of 2005. I handled animation on 3 characters including rigging and texturing duties on
one (T-rex). The game was produced by Clear Crown Studios, and is a sim based game
in which you are in control of building and maintaining your own wild life community. Clips
are available on my animations page.




Shots of in game character animation for the PC title "Wild Life!".
  • 9/5/05
In February of 2005 I completed work on a 30 second pre-visualization animatic spot. The animatic was produced by Brainforest Pre-Visual Animatics for a Betty Crocker commercial featuring one of their new products; Warm Delights. From a provided storyboard, I re-created a 3D environment, animated the camera, modeled and textured the product and props. I have eaten the Warm Delights, and yes, they are good (try it with ice cream).


Warm Delights Animatic Warm Delights 3D Models


Pre-visual animatic for Betty Crocker's new "Warm Delights".